Snow Removal

Augusta, Gardiner Snow Plow Company furlongsnowpic1& Snow Removal

Once winter arrives Furlongs Home & Yard Care is on-call 24/7 keeping both commercial and residential customer lots clear of ice and snow. We also do sanding and salting when snowplowing.

We like to think of our snowplowing service as a form of winter insurance. We’re there when you need us. Residential driveway plowing is done on a flat per time price, while commercial accounts may be priced seasonally, or per-event.

We use newer, well-maintained professional equipment and have the experience and liability insurance required to get the job done.

Winter storms are unpredictable in their severity and timing and in snowplowing, reliability is king. We maximize efficiency by using the right equipment, experienced drivers, and grouping accounts close together whenever possible.

Having backup equipment and men, along with not over-booking our services allows us to deliver on the services we promise for a select number of clients in the entire Augusta metro area.