Gardiner, Augusta Lawn Installation


If you want a beautiful, lush lawn outside your home or business, then give us a call today! We’ll set up a time to stop by and then give you a free estimate on what the installation will cost.


Furlongs Home and Yard Care, will provide you with a complete overview of which types of grass work best in the area, and help you choose the look that best suits your property.

All of our customers receive the highest level of personal attention and can be assured that our team of professionals will treat each and every job with respect and integrity. We know this is not just a project to you – this is your home or business and needs to be treated accordingly.


Seed or Hydroseeding ?

If you have time and patience, seed is a nice choice, but if you want to see results immediately then Hydroseeding is the way to go. With a simple phone call, you can have the lawn of your dreams in time for that next barbecue or family reunion, and you’ll be glad you did.



























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